At d3 we aim to make our software intuitive and easy to use without compromising on flexibility or features. We offer a largely free and structured training course for everyone, as listed below.


Step 1: Webinar

The hour-long webinar is essentially the first step of our training programme, and meant to give a basic overview of d3’s core features and interface. Everyone is welcome to join: we recommend following the webinar to both people downloading our free d3 Trial as well as to our new customers. Webinars are held weekly and you will be invited via email when you register for d3 Trial through our online enquiry form.

Step 2: User Guide, Video Tutorials and d3 Project set-up

After your webinar, the instructor will stay in touch with you as you self-study your way through our extensive user guide online. You will make your own project in d3, and if needed, the instructor can go through questions you have in 1-on-1 Skype sessions. We’re here to help you.

See our user guide here.
See our video tutorials here.

Step 3: d3 Project Test

Before we invite you to the final 3-day long live training session, the instructor will ask you to share your own project with him to see where we can help prepare you for the final training. You can discuss any areas you have a specific interest in that we can talk you through. We’ll then book you in for the next available training in your vicinity.

Step 4: 3-day live training

Our 3-day live training is a fast-paced and intensive course that won’t waste time on the basics: you’ve already learnt those. There will be a nominal fee for our trainer and/or the space the training is in, this will be discussed with you upon booking. You can request a training session in your area if there are six or more people wanting to participate. You will receive a certificate of participation upon completion of the three days. For the syllabus of the live training please click here .

d3 Customers and priority training

If you or your company are considering buying d3, please note that training is free of charge apart from trainer flights & accommodation. We prioritise d3 customers and aim to get your employees trained up in every use as soon as possible after purchase. Next to the 3-day intensive training course, we offer 1-day refresher courses for the 2 consecutive years as part of purchase to keep you and your employees up to speed with the latest features.

International Approach

We currently hold training sessions in London monthly, training sessions alternating the US east and west coast monthly, as well as training sessions in Europe once every two months. We hope to be adding training in Asia and other parts of the world as we continue to grow. Upcoming sessions are listed in the calendar on this page, please note though we will always ask people that are new to d3 to go through the steps listed above before adding them to a live session.

Basic Training


Get started with d3 in this 3 day course for beginners. From setting up projects to delivery, our fundamental training will take you through all the key features d3 has to offer.


d3 Technologies, London







Chis Simcock, d3 Projects Developer, hosts introductory webinars every Monday at 9am and 5pm GMT.