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v4 of HAP codec available for download


The new version of HAP QuickTime Codec for both Windows and Mac OS are now available on the d3 Technologies support centre. HAP is a codec made available in the latest release of d3, r11.2. The latest version is v4. Please visit the download centre on our support pages to get HAP v4....

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d3 r11.2 available for download


d3’s latest software release, d3 r11.2, is available for download for all d3 customers. Key new features have been added to improve visualisation and control, including:

- SockPuppet DMX – for everyone who wants to use d3 but prefers to use a lighting console
- HTML5 – for everyone who wants to add real-time web content directly in their screens (like Twitter feeds)
- Footprints – advanced projector simulation before getting on site now allows you to see projector brightness levels, pixel stretch, light fall off and more
- HAP & HAP-Q – d3 now supports the high-fidelity codec HAP next to DXV. For more detailed information on the new features in r11.2, please visit our r11.2 page...

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Information on d3 r11's MultiEdit


One of the key new features in our recently released full software version d3 r11 is MultiEdit.This feature lets multiple operators collaborate in real time to prepare and edit a show. This helps you reduce set-up time and move through the d3 workflow with more efficiency than ever before.

What is MultiEdit?
For the first time, d3 r11 lets you connect multiple d3 Designers to the master and work in parallel, without having to merge project files manually. Just as with another new feature in d3 r11, LiveUpdate, all edits propagate in real time to all machines in the network.

This enables a whole new set of powerful, parallel workflows:
• Line up and calibrate multiple projectors at the same time
• Adjust softedge blending on multiple projectors with multiple operators at the same time
• Set up feeds and calibrate projectors while another editor edits tracks
• Distribute track editing tasks among multiple operators
• Work on design and show feedback during rehearsals, with instant updates
• Review and organise content during rehearsals
• Edit lighting and video looks in parallel on the same track

How does MultiEdit work?
On any d3 Designer system, all you need to do is copy the show folder from the master; then, while the master is running, use the new d3 Manager to join the editing session. You can move to any track or part of the timeline, and edit any part of the show; your changes are pushed in real time to the master, and from there to all connected machines. If you are only using MultiEdit for projector calibration, note that you do not need to copy over video content from the show folder: the d3 project file will suffice.

A lockout mechanism prevents inconsistencies; if two people try to edit the same object, the first one to touch the object locks it for approximately a tenth of a second); subsequent edits from another source have no effect. As long as your edits don’t conflict, you can even have two people working on different properties of the same layer (e.g. brightness and colour) in the same track at the same time.

Where can I find information on MultiEdit?
• What is MultiEdit:
• Ground rules for MultiEdit:
• How to use MultiEdit:

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Basic Training - d3 Technologies, London, UK


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