d3 Designer

d3 Designer is our software-only version of the d3 production suite, developed especially for designers, project managers and technicians.


Design. Pitch. Win.

d3 Designer is the software only version of our d3 production suite, which enables designers, project managers and technicians to work on a unified communication and collaboration platform.
From conceptual pre-visualisation through technical specification, sequencing and content compositing all the way to technical set-up, d3 Designer is the flexible but powerful solution.


MultiEdit Collaboration

d3 supports the MultiEdit feature from r11 onwards, whereby multiple laptops with d3 Designer can join a session hosted on a d3 rackmount server and continue to work on the show.
This means production times are dramatically reduced, as teams can split up and simultaneously work on projection calibration and soft edge blending, while the front of house team can work together to sequence and manipulate content tracks. In the meantime, the production team can review sequences in real-time over a network. Now that’s dividing and conquering.
See Networking features


Pre-visualise your design

Navigate through your project in real-time and in 3D in d3’s stage simulator. Add screens, lights, and projectors; including their lenses. Pick the perfect camera angles and render fly-through movies to present to your client and win that pitch.
d3’s advanced 3D stage simulator gives you a pixel-perfect view of your stage & screens, allowing for excellent communication between technical and creative teams.

See real-time simulation features


Design and test your content

Use d3’s advanced content mapping features to easily map content onto multiple LED, projection and DMX-based screens of any shape and form, whether static or moving.
Because d3 knows the exact position of every pixel, you can now throw content into the stage from any angle, even onto the most complex group of surfaces. With the right type of content mapping you’ll have your content up on the screens in no time.

See content mapping features


Simulate projector placements and lens options

Project content onto the most complex three-dimensional projection objects using d3’s Projector Simulation toolkit.
Fully understand the technical limitations of your show by modelling it up-front; projector resolution, lens type, throw distance can all be worked out in advance.
With the new d3 R11 MultiEdit feature, multiple operators with d3 Designers can collaborate in real time to line-up the projector outputs.

see projector simulation features


Sequence the show in the office

Use d3’s intuitive timeline and layer tools including powerful 3D content mapping for easy control of unlimited layers of media.
Easily beat-map audio, sequence to the beat or to the frame, and sync the timeline using a range of industry standard protocols.
Pass content layers into effect layers to make your own creations, while controlling moving lights, tracking moving scenery, and controlling any device.

See sequencing features


Prepare your outputs

d3’s unique feed scene editor allows for real-time control of any output, including those of virtual displays from within a master/slave network.
For your LED outputs, move, scale, rotate, mirror, crop, duplicate and mask out an unlimited amount of content rectangles across all outputs.
Use the QuickCal line-up feature to line up your projector outputs, and add additional feedwarp if needed, as well as adding your dynamic blending textures.
See output configuration features


Tech Specs d3 Designer

Software Features
Bundled software d3 Production Suite
Design and Pre-visualise Build and save projects
Render visualiser movies to file

Make screen grab files
Transfer project to d3 system
Playback Output video with watermark
Output DMX with watermark
Render feed outputs movies to file
3rd party software Quicktime Pro
Media File Specifications
Video Playback .mov (anim, pjpg, dxv)
Still image formats .png, .jpeg, .bmp, .tif
Audio file formats .mp3, .wav, .aiff
3d mesh format .obj
Minimum Hardware Specifications
Operating System Windows 7 Professional & Ultimate, Windows 8 Professional.
Windows 10
32bit & 64bit supported.
CPU Intel i5 2.3Ghz Quad Core or above
DirectX11 compatible
Please note: Virtual Machines (like Parallels) do not support running d3
Memory 2GB RAM
Audio Any permitted
Support, Updates and Warranties
Annual license subscription package includes 1 years free software upgrades
1 years support (via phone or email)
Unlimited knowledge base access


Performance data d3 Designer*

  Pure playback
Layers of HD**
Video outputs only 1 (.mov) 2  
DXV with Alpha-Channel 7
Photo-JPEG 3
Animation with Alpha 3
Video output & HD-SDI input  
DXV with Alpha-Channel N/A
Photo-JPEG N/A
Animation with Alpha N/A
Video output, HD-SDI input & DMX output  
DXV with Alpha-Channel N/A
Photo-JPEG N/A
Animation with Alpha N/A

*Based on Major Release 11, Revision 10039 
MacbookPro Spec: Mid 2012 Retina, Bootcamped Windows 32Bit OS, 2GHz I7 CPU, 8GB RAM, G-force GT 650M 1024MB GPU, Apple 500GB SSD Media Drive

** These figures are based on an average video bitrate of 19MB/s. Performance may vary depending on specific project setup. (live video input, Bitmaps, screen resolutions, etc.)

1 GUI only, not outputting on any other output heads
2 Quicktime Codecs


Compare products

  d3 Designer 2x2plus 2x4pro (NEW) 4x4pro 4x2pro (discontinued)
Pre-Vis in 3d
Simulate projectors
Sequence to the beat
Configure multiple outputs feeds
Render stage movies
Render feed movies
Render feed max size 2048 8192 16384 16384 16384
Set-up device integration
Act as session editor
Live camera input Hardware Specific Hardware Specific
Act as Master
Act as Slave
Act as Understudy
Receive device signals Hardware Specific
Output to screens Watermarked
Output DMX Watermarked
VFC card support Not Applicable
Chassis Not Applicable 2U Industrial Rackmount Case / Custom face d3 designed rugged chassis d3 designed rugged chassis d3 designed rugged chassis
Digital Outputs Not Applicable 2x DL-DVI + 1x DVI Varied by output card Varied by output card 4x DL-DVI
Illuminated rear panel Not Applicable
PCI-E expansion connector Not Applicable
10Gbit media network ports Not Applicable 2 2 1
1Gbit network ports Not Applicable 2 2 2 2
Rear mounting brackets Not Applicable
Neutrik rugged connectors Not Applicable
Replaceable rear connector plates Not Applicable
OLED text status display Not Applicable
USB speed Not Applicable 3.0 3.0 3.0 3.0
FW 800 Not Applicable
CPU Not Applicable 3.7Ghz Xeon Quad Core 3.7Ghz Xeon Quad Core E5 3.5Ghz Xeon Hexa Core E5 2.6Ghz Xeon Hexa Core
Max texture size px Not Applicable 8192 16384 16384 16384
Replaceable media drive caddies Not Applicable 4x Ruggedised SSD caddy 2x Ruggedised SSD caddy
Media drives capacity (shipped) Not Applicable 1x 512GB 1x 2TB 2x 1TB 1x 1TB
Max SSD drive allowed Not Applicable 1 8 4
Max 3G-SDI inputs Not Applicable Hardware Specific 2 2 2
Max HD-SDI inputs Not Applicable Hardware Specific 4 4 4
Max SD-SDI inputs Not Applicable Hardware Specific 4 4 4
Genlock in Not Applicable
Balanced audio in/out Not Applicable Hardware Specific
Locking power connector & pass thru Not Applicable
MIDI in/outputs Not Applicable Hardware Specific
ADAT I/O Not Applicable Hardware Specific
Art-Net (via ethernet) In/Out Not Applicable


  d3 Designer Specification sheet Download

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d3 Trial

Get into d3 with our free downloadable trial. Use it for training and evaluation and test out features by building your stage and screens and bringing in content. You cannot save your project with d3 Trial, but we do have a range of ready projects for you to play around with if you don’t want to start from scratch. Simply fill in our enquiry form to receive our d3 Trial email for download.
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d3 Technologies offer various products for your show, from a software only version for pre-vis and sequencing to full software on hardware solutions that will take you all the way through from pre-vis to playback. For advice or pricing enquiries, please fill out our form.
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d3 Resellers look after local sales, support and training for d3 products in their own region. To check to see if you have a local reseller in your region, follow the link and check our reseller map. Are you interested in becoming a reseller? Contact our sales team in London through our enquiry form.
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Rental Partners

Looking to rent one or multiple d3 systems for your show? Our global network of respected rental companies stocking d3 systems is ready to help you. For one-off shows or long term rentals, check our rental partner listing to see how close you are to the nearest d3 rental partner.
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d3 Studios

d3 Studios are visualisation and presentation spaces where a team of d3 experts can help you. Spread across the world, these hubs are available for you and your clients to help with any d3 requirements, from consultation to support, and from pitches and training. Please get in touch if your company is interested in the benefits of becoming a d3 Studio, or see our listed d3 Studios.
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d3 Education

There are many different ways to tackle a project when it comes to video and projection show design, and at least as many software and hardware solutions to get you there. d3 will take you through the entire project on one platform, making it a revolutionary and cost-effective solution for your educational environment. Please contact us to discuss our special licensing for educational facilities, and learn more about the benefits of working with an integrated workflow.
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