d3 Net

Control multiple machines as if they were one, use the Active Understudy system to provide backup, use MultiEdit to work collaboratively on your show.


d3 Net

Networks using multiple d3 servers have never been easier to set up. Create your virtual servers in the d3 Net manager, assign outputs to each machine and start outputting.Master-Slave control
Let your master machine – which can also output content – control the timeline, sequencing, projector line-up and blending among many other parameters of your slave machines, and all of it in frame-accurate sync. Once configured there’s no need to touch the slave machines at all. As soon as everything is set up, let the master machine boot up, close down, restart and refresh all the slaves.
Live Update
All updates on the master machine seamlessly update the slave machines, so there is no need to hit any update or refresh buttons: it actually feels like you’re working on one single machine.
Active Understudy
Don’t spend money and engineering time on one dedicated back-up machine for every active machine running your show.
Instead, use one understudy machine that can replace any other machine in your d3 network, including the master. Chose to let the Understudy also to automatically switch the matrix as it replaces another server.

d3 setup from Pan American Games having 12 virtual projectors controlled by 1 pure Master, 3 slaves, and 1 Understudy
The 12 outputs distributed to the 3 slaves machines, where the Understudy can replace any other machine and its outputs


d3 parallel collaborative workflows allow multiple operators to work simultaneously and in real-time to prepare, edit and configure a show.
Any d3 Designer laptop can sign into a live d3 session as an ‘editor’ and move to any track or part of the timeline, and edit any part of the show. Use as many d3 Designer laptops as you like to simultaneously calibrate projectors on multi-projector shows for even faster results for shows with very short set-up times. Your changes are pushed in real-time to the master, and from there to all connected machines.


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